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Luftfilter / Bensinfilter / Racing Oljefilter, Tennplugg, Tappeplugg SUZUKI GSX 650 2008-2016

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  • 1x HiFlo Luftfilter
  • 1x HiFlo Oljefilter Racing
  • 4x NGK CR8E Nickel Tennplugg
  • 1x JMP Tappeplugg
  • 1x Suzuki Bensinfilter
  • 1x JMP Kobberskive
  • 1x Grippaz Nitril Hansker
  • HiFlo Air Filter
    Air filter is of very high quality. Each filter corresponds to the original type to give the correct flow of air which is very important to obtain the smooth running and maximum performance. Manufactured to fit factory air box. Direct replacement of original equipment filter. No need to change carburetor jets or settings. Top quality power-flow filtering media
  • HiFlo Racing Oil Filter Cartridge
    The new range of Hiflofiltro RC racing oil filters have been developed to meet the rigorous demands of top level race use, providing unsurpassed performance with the following features: Tough heavy duty steel canister. 17mm cross drilled nut enabling easy removal, and lock wiring for race use. Advanced high performance tri-fiber filtration media for. Optimum filtration. High capacity. Improved oil flow. Rubber coated relief valve for perfect sealing. Compatible with all oil types. Engineered for both track and street. Hiflofiltro are the only TÜV certified oil filters, ensuring the highest levels of quality, performance, and vehicle warranty compatibility. Hiflofiltro RC is the ultimate performance oil filter.
  • NGK CR8E Standard Nickel Spark Plugs
    NGK nickel spark plugs feature a specially designed v-groove center electrode, improving ignitability and reducing quenching. The 98% pure copper core delivers increased heat dissipation for more reliable starts and reduced risk of overheating. Cold-rolled threads prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads. Trivalent plating eliminates need for anti-seize. High-grade alumina silicate ceramic
  • Black alu drain plug with magnet
  • OE Genuine Fuel Filter
    Fuel is the lifeblood of your engine. Therefore, it is vital that it is totally free of any contaminants before it enters the workings of your engine. It is the role of the Fuel Filter to trap any foreign matter and provide a clean flow of fuel for smooth performance and engine longevity. The longevity of your engine, and smooth performance of your vehicle relies on a clean flow of fuel. It is the role of fuel filters to capture any impurities that may have travelled into your fuel tank. The quality of a Fuel Filter can be best gauged by its ability to trap even the tiniest impurities..
  • Copper Sealing Washer
  • Grippaz Nitrile Gloves
    Superior nitrile gloves offering unparalleled strength and grip. This fit for purpose glove is ideal for mechanics and engineers. Grippaz® use a specially formulated nitrile organic compound that offers excellent performance against brake & clutch fluid, hydraulic & engine oil, grease, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide and some solvents.

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