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Luftfilter / Oljefilter, Tennplugg, Tappeplugg BMW R 1200 (2013-2018)

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  • 1x HiFlo Luftfilter
  • 1x HiFlo Oljefilter Svart
  • 2x NGK LMAR8D-J Multi-Ground Tennplugg
  • 1x BMW Tappeplugg
  • 1x JMP Kobberskive
  • 1x Grippaz Nitril Hansker
  • HiFlo Air Filter
    Air filter is of very high quality. Each filter corresponds to the original type to give the correct flow of air which is very important to obtain the smooth running and maximum performance. Manufactured to fit factory air box. Direct replacement of original equipment filter. No need to change carburetor jets or settings. Top quality power-flow filtering media
  • HiFlo Black Oil Filter Cartridge
    Providing unbeatable performance and exceptional value, Hiflofiltro is the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs worldwide. The filters are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers as well as private label brands. Every oil filter goes through 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory. The whole manufacturing process, including the checking of raw materials, individual filter testing, is regularly audited and verified independently by TÜV SÜD.
  • NGK LMAR8D-J Multi-Ground Spark Plugs
    NGK Multi-Ground spark plugs improve ignition capabilities and are less sensitive to increased voltage requirements due to gap growth. They're designed to meet specific manufacturers' ignition requirements. Multi-Ground plugs have all the same features of NGK's standard plugs, including corrugated ribs to prevent flashover. NGK Multi-Ground spark plugs are designed for special ignition demands on specific motorcycle and automobile applications.
  • Genuine OE Oil Drain Plug
  • Copper Sealing Washer
  • Grippaz Nitrile Gloves
    Superior nitrile gloves offering unparalleled strength and grip. This fit for purpose glove is ideal for mechanics and engineers. Grippaz® use a specially formulated nitrile organic compound that offers excellent performance against brake & clutch fluid, hydraulic & engine oil, grease, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide and some solvents.

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