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Genuine OE Mahle Oljefilter BMW R 1150 (1999-2006)

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278,00 kr
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  • 1x Mahle Oljefilter Silver
  • Mahle Oil Filter Cartridge
    As one of the world's leading filter manufacturers and OEMs for BMW motorcycles, MAHLE has always stood for quality and technology. Oil filters from MAHLE reliably keep dirt particles out of the lubrication circulation and thereby maintain the quality of the oil as well as the performance and economy of the engine.

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    BMW R1150GS ABS 1999 MVL-07129
    BMW R1150GS ABS 2000 MVL-07130
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    BMW R1150GS Adventure ABS 2002 MVL-07139
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    BMW R1150GS Adventure ABS 2004 MVL-07141
    BMW R1150GS Adventure ABS 2005 MVL-07142
    BMW R1150GS Adventure 2002 MVL-07135
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    BMW R1150GS Adventure 2004 MVL-07137
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    BMW R1150GS 1999 MVL-07123
    BMW R1150GS 2000 MVL-07124
    BMW R1150GS 2001 MVL-07125
    BMW R1150GS 2002 MVL-07126
    BMW R1150GS 2003 MVL-07127
    BMW R1150GS 2004 MVL-07128
    BMW R1150R ABS 2001 MVL-07149
    BMW R1150R ABS 2002 MVL-07150
    BMW R1150R ABS 2003 MVL-07151
    BMW R1150R ABS 2004 MVL-07154
    BMW R1150R ABS 2005 MVL-07152
    BMW R1150R ABS 2006 MVL-07153
    BMW R1150R Rockster ABS 2003 MVL-07158
    BMW R1150R Rockster ABS 2004 MVL-07159
    BMW R1150R Rockster ABS 2005 MVL-07160
    BMW R1150R Rockster 2003 MVL-07155
    BMW R1150R Rockster 2004 MVL-07156
    BMW R1150R Rockster 2005 MVL-07157
    BMW R1150R 2001 MVL-07143
    BMW R1150R 2002 MVL-07144
    BMW R1150R 2003 MVL-07145
    BMW R1150R 2004 MVL-07146
    BMW R1150R 2005 MVL-07147
    BMW R1150R 2006 MVL-07148
    BMW R1150RS ABS 2002 MVL-07161
    BMW R1150RS ABS 2003 MVL-07162
    BMW R1150RS ABS 2004 MVL-07163
    BMW R1150RS ABS 2005 MVL-07164
    BMW R1150RS Dual ignition 2003 MVL-07165
    BMW R1150RS Dual ignition 2004 MVL-07166
    BMW R1150RS Dual ignition 2005 MVL-07167
    BMW R1150RS Single ignition 2001 MVL-07168
    BMW R1150RS Single ignition 2002 MVL-07169
    BMW R1150RT ABS 2002 MVL-07170
    BMW R1150RT ABS 2003 MVL-07171
    BMW R1150RT ABS 2004 MVL-07172
    BMW R1150RT ABS 2005 MVL-07173