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Motul 300V 4T FactoryLine Road Racing 10W40 is a synthetic engine oil

Motu 300V 4T FactoryLine Road Racing 10W40 is a synthetic, high performance, low-friction engine oil based on Estercore technology and has been specially developed for racing motorcycles with 4T engines, designed for 10W40 viscosity, for use in the MotoGP, SuperSport, Superbike range , High-speed and mountain-biking, etc. Ideal for demanding motorcycles and quad motors in racing and in road areas.


- Max. Oil film stability, optimum adhesion, high temperature resistance for optimum wear protection
- Low traction coefficient of Estercore technology reduces friction losses and improves overall performance by up to 1.3%
- Estercore technology in combination with the additive package improves the shear strength, the wear protection and the service life of the engine and gearbox. This is documented with the outstanding FZG (Research Center for Gear and Gearbox Construction) Test Results of the Damage Load Level> 14 FLS (Failure Load Stage). The smaller the value, eg 1 FLS, the lower the wear protection, the higher the value eg> 14 FLS, the better the wear protection of the transmission. With this test, it can be determined whether an adequate lubricating film thickness between the gear wheels ensures a reliable function of the transmission
- Very high pressure absorption capability ensures maximum lubrication safety even in extreme temperature ranges
- For modern engine technology with wet clutch and gearbox lubrication in the same oil bath. No clutch gluing and slipping
- Fastest oiling in the starting phase reduces the critical cold start wear and ensures a long service life of the engine    Estercore Technology:

Motul has been developing high-performance engine oils based on synthetic esters for several decades. The special selection of synthetic esters and combination with an innovative additive package form an extraordinary synergy. Estercore is the latest technological development stage and allows maximum power output of the motor without compromising reliability and wear.    Specifications / Approvals:

Specifications: Exceeds the requirements of JASO & API