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162,00 kr
inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 734.00.52
We use 99% of our bowden cable and shaft program
Made in Japan. We buy the main share of this program

TSK, the original equipment manufacturer in Japan.

We buy all trains and shafts not available from TSK at OFK, KSI and TNO,
the leading producers in the Aftermarket.
In order to increase our ability to deliver and reduce your inventory,
we have a merger for tachometer and speedometer shafts
of certain lengths in increments of max. 4.5 cm. The
means some waves are up to a maximum of 4.5 cm longer than the original wave.
Your advantage: With a few waves you cover the entire program.

Length: 828mm
Length of the core: 848mm
Connection 1: M12
Connection 2: External diameter 11.9 mm