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182,00 kr
inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 723.17.67
Foam filter TwinAir   More than 40 years ago, the gritty, gritty soils of the Netherlands - and the resulting engine failures - proved that foam and paper filters provided airflow to drivers but failed to protect them.   The breakthrough of Twin Air, the combined dual-layer design combines performance and protection.   The fused layers of open-pored foam and fine inner foam capture even the smallest particles.   The new, rounder design increases the airflow. This also applies to the minimized seams, which are made possible by a revolutionary micro-gluing process: shorter seams = more foam = more flow.   - with flowable, non-rebreathing foam, which is laminated on the inside of the filter - washable and reusable (40 to 50 times is usual) - two-layer foam (according to specification with equally sized and distributed cells) - high quality (assembled by hand and checked for perfect fit)