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427,00 kr
inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 723.08.70
The Stahlbus® oil drain valve is simply replaced with the existing oil drain plug.
When changing the oil, unscrew the protective cap and attach the hose connector with a quick-release fastener.
Only when this is locked, the valve opens and the oil can be drained into the provided container.
When loosening the hose connection, the valve closes automatically and you only have to unscrew the protective cap

The advantages at a glance:
• No contact with oil
• Easy handling with quick release
• Drain plug can not be lost
• No risk of burns due to hot oil
• Changing the seal is not necessary
• Oil sump thread is protected
• Double leak protection (protective cap and valve)
• Connection to suction device possible
• Dosed draining for sampling or overfilling
• Protective cap captive by O-ring
• Oil change without tools

So the oil change is fun!

- Valve body, CNC precision turned part made of high quality steel
- Copper seal
- Hose connector, CNC precision turned part made of high quality steel
- High quality hose 40cm long
- Protective cap made of anodised aluminum
- Illustrated manual