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745,00 kr
inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 721.00.99
The V.3 version of the Naraku carburettor is a high-quality membrane-controlled 20mm carburetor with accelerator pump for 50cc 4-stroke scooters.
The carburetor will be delivered with electric choke and 85er main nozzle and 33er secondary nozzle. The carburetor is suitable for scooters & miniquads with 139QMB engine from 50-90ccm.
To ensure easy installation and easy commissioning, all carburetors are factory set and tested ex works for 50cc engines.
The connection width is measurably only 18mm, by its conically tapered intake section up to 28mm, however, the carburettor reaches a mode of action like a 20mm carburettor.

Connection intake manifold: 28mm
Connection air filter: 40mm