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927,00 kr
inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 721.00.08
Carburetor Naraku 17,5mm

Naraku 17,5mm Carburettor suitable for various Kymco, Honda and SYM scooters. The carburetor is also recommended for untuned engines.
It is much better tuned than the original 12mm or 14mm carburettor, which is used in the European versions of the scooter with E2 exhaust gas standard.
In non-European countries, the scooters are supplied with a carburetor with a diameter of 17.5mm ex-works and have a better engine performance.

The carburettor is prepared for the original e-choke, the manual choke lever from Dellorto can also be fitted. The original air filter box can still be used.

The E-Choke is not included in the delivery.

Main nozzle 90 (6mm)
Additional nozzle 35
Distance between holes: 42mm
Connection air filter: 35mm