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inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 714.03.68
JMC MAXX engine oil 10W-40 GP   High-performance engine oil with HC synthesis base oils, specially developed for use in 4-stroke motorcycles with wet-running oil bath clutch. The JMC MAXX 10W-40 GP is suitable for all 4-stroke motorcycles with common oil circuit of engine, clutch and transmission. This oil is characterized by a high thermal load capacity and also provides a stable lubrication film even under constant load conditions and high speeds, as well as meeting the strict friction requirements of the JASO MA2 and ensures the best coupling performance. - high wear and corrosion protection of the engine and gearbox - stable lubrication film even with very hot oil and very high loads - extremely stable - "Stay-in-Grade" - best coupling performance due to the more stringent requirements of JASO MA2 - rapid oiling and low cold wear due to favorable cold viscosity - High oxidation protection through selected HC synthesis oils and special additives - miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic branded motorcycle oils. In order to make full use of all product advantages, a complete oil change is recommended. Specifications and releases: API SL, JASO MA2 Contents: 1 liter can Packing unit: 12