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SKU 714.03.65
JMC MAXX Transmission Oil SAE 75W-90 Grade API GL-4/5 multi-range transmission oil for multi-functional use in axle and gearboxes. Description: The JMC MAXX gear oil SAE 75W-90 is a high-performance gear oil based on HC synthetic oil. It is characterized by a high thermal load capacity and also provides a stable lubricating film under continuous stress. Application: It is used according to the manufacturer's instructions in conventional shift and axle transmissions and is also used in cardan and propeller shaft drives which require an oil of the classification API GL-4 or GL-5. Approvals and specifications: MIL-L 2105D Specification API: GL4 GL5 Advantages: - multifunctional - very good wear and corrosion protection - high temperature and oxidation stability by selected HC synthesis oils and special additives - extremely hard-wearing - even with very hot oil and very high loads stable lubrication film, thereby reduced wear, as well as lower transmission noise - favorable cold viscosity ensures improved switchability, rapid oiling and low "cold wear" - miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic brand transmission oils; however, a full change of gear oil is recommended to take full advantage of the product Contents: 1 liter can Packing unit: 12