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279,00 kr
inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 714.03.64
JMC MAXX gear oil 75W-140

Synthetic multi-grade gear oil for use in motorcycle gearboxes of high-performance motorcycles with a separate oil supply, as well as cardan drives with the filling specification API GL-5.
This oil is particularly characterized by a high thermal load capacity and also offers a stable lubricating film even under continuous use. Even at high speeds, the JMC 75W-140 shows only minimal foam tendency. DANGER: JMC MAXX gear oil 75W-140 must not be used in gearboxes with clutches running in an oil bath and / or common oil balance for the engine / gearbox / clutch! - high wear and corrosion protection - High temperature and oxidation stability thanks to selected synthetic oils and special additives - extremely shear stable - "stay-in-grade" - Stable lubricating film even with very hot oil and very high loads, which reduces wear and gear noise - Fast oiling, improved switchability and low cold wear due to favorable cold viscosity - Miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic brand gear oils. A full oil change is recommended to take full advantage of the product. Approvals and specifications: MIL-L 2105D Specification API: GL5 Contents: 1 liter can Packing unit: 12