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182,00 kr
inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 714.03.62
JMC MAXX Fork oil SAE 5W

High-performance fork oil based on synthetic base oils, with excellent low-temperature behavior, superior damping properties and high aging resistance, for on- and off-road use. Application: The JMC MAXX fork oil SAE 5W has been specially developed for use in motorcycle forks and shock absorbers. Its excellent viscosity / temperature behavior ensures safe operation even at high temperatures, as well as sensitive response at very low temperatures. Advantages: - excellent viscosity / temperature behavior and high shear stability - Sensitive response even at extremely low temperatures - highest resistance to aging and oxidation by synthetic base oils - even at high permanent temperatures and extreme loads, best wear protection properties for reliable operation and longest service life - minimized froth - protects reliably against corrosion, wear, sludge and adhesive - neutral against sealing materials - Mixable and compatible with other branded fork oils of the same quality; however, a full oil change is recommended to take full advantage of the product Note: JMC MAXX Fork oil SAE 10W must not be mixed with glycol- and silicone-based fluids (eg brake fluids DOT 3/4 / 5.1 or DOT 5). Contents: 1 liter can Packing unit: 12