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SKU 714.03.09
Motul Transmission Oil Gear 300 LS 75W90

Fully synthetic high performance gear oil based on ester,
especially for use in heavy duty gearboxes and differential with limited slip.
Suitable for everyday use and racing.    Advantages:

- Very light, fast and comfortable switching even at very low temperatures.
- Virtually no shear loss. This ensures stable viscosity with optimum wear protection for a long life even under extreme loads (high speed, high torque, high temperature).
- It is highly temperature stable with an extremely high pressure absorption capacity and is particularly suitable for racing.
- Very high pressure absorption capability ensures optimum gear lubrication and also cooling at high temperatures, especially for vehicles with modern compact design. Particularly recommended for torque-intensive drives.
- Perfect wear protection, excellent driving comfort and optimal barrier effect.
- Reduces friction losses and prevents wear.
- Particularly suitable for switching problems especially at extremely low temperatures.    Application: Transmission oils
Quality: Fully synthetic
Products: Car
Viscosity: 75W90
API standards: API GL-5

Contents: 1 liter
Carton unit: 12