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GEAR OIL 75W140 1L

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inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 714.03.01
Motul Gear Competition 75W140 is a synthetic racing gear oil for extremely stressed manual transmissions as well as highly loaded rear axle drives with and without differential lock or multi-disc locking differential.

Exclusive motul technology. Tested and tested in endurance racing: 24H Le Mans, Japanese GT Championship in Hewland and X-Trac transmissions.    Advantages:

- Easy, comfortable switching even at very low temperatures
- Virtually no shear loss, this guarantees even under extreme conditions (high speed, high torque, high temperature) stable viscosity with optimum wear protection for a long service life
- It is high temperature stable with an extremely high pressure capacity and is particularly suitable for racing
- Very high pressure capacity guarantees optimum gear lubrication and also cooling at high temperatures, especially for vehicles with modern compact design. Especially recommended for high-torque drives
- Excellent wear protection, excellent ride comfort and optimum locking effect
- Special additives protect the gearbox even at extremely high pressures
- Lowers friction and prevents wear    Specifications / Approvals:

Specifications: API GL-5