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MOTUL ATV POWER 4T 5W40 is a fully synthetic 4-stroke multi-purpose oil specially developed for sporting use in modern All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).
For high-performance ATV with 4-stroke engines with or without integrated gearbox, wet or dry clutch, as well as for engines that meet the Euro 2 or Euro 3 requirements.    JASO (Japanese Automobile Standards Organization) has developed the JASO T 903 its own standard for 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils.
The graduations MA, MA1 and MA2 facilitate the selection of motorcycle engine oils which have been specially developed for wet couplings.
JASO MA2 stands for the highest friction values ​​and thus for optimal clutch compatibility during gear change, during the acceleration phase and even at a uniformly high speed.

Optimized content of sulfur and phosphorus ensures the long-term function of catalysts.
Prevents corrosion and contamination in the engine.
For modern engine technology with wet clutch and gearbox lubrication in the same oil bath. No clutch gluing and slipping.
The light-running viscosity allows rapid oiling even in the starting phase, reduces the critical cold start wear and is outstandingly suitable for hydraulic tappets.
Optimal for operation in the autumn and winter season.
Excellent anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties
Even in low gears and under extreme load, ATV POWER 4T guarantees a stable lubrication film and protects against wear.
Special EP additives protect the transmission reliably against wear, facilitate start-up even with gear engaged as well as the shifting process.
Low evaporation loss reduces oil consumption.    SPECIFICATIONS: API SN / SM / SL / SJ