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OIL 30W 2L

332,00 kr
inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 714.01.15
Motul Classic Oil SAE 30 is a mineral single grade oil formulated for engines and transmissions of vehicles built in the period 1900 to 1950. Especially for vehicles of this time without oil filtration. Can also be used as a retraction oil. Contains no EP additives and is fully compatible with non-ferrous metals and alloys such as copper, brass and bronze. For a constant oil pressure and a uniform compression. The viscosity, which is perfectly matched to classic vehicles, minimizes oil losses.


- Excellent lubrication, perfect corrosion protection
- Stable oil pressure and optimal compression
- Compatible with all seals and bearing metals (bronze, copper or brass)
- Reduced detergent content (TBN 1.7 mg KOH / g) creates optimal compatibility with sealing materials
- Excellent adhesion provides optimal protection even for longer downtime