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Motul 800 2T Factory Line Road Racing is a synthetic high performance engine oil based on Ester Core technology. Specially designed for the extreme demands of road racing, both for water- and air-cooled engines. Suitable for regular gasoline and unleaded gasoline up to 124 octane.    Advantages:

- Max. Oil film stability, optimum adhesion, high temperature resistance for optimum wear protection
- Very high pressure capacity guarantees highest lubrication safety even in extreme temperature ranges
- Perfect fast response of the engine even with fast consecutive load changes
- Excellent cleaning power keeps pistons and all engine parts clean. This prevents deposits and coking in the combustion chamber and on spark plugs
- Prevents sticking of piston rings and performance reducing deposits in the exhaust and exhaust
- Outstanding lubrication properties of the Ester Core technology reduce friction losses and reliably protect against wear even in high speed ranges in long full load passages
- Use only for mixed lubrication / self-mixing    Ester Core Technology:

Motul has been developing high-performance engine oils based on synthetic esters for several decades. The special selection of synthetic esters and combination with an innovative additive package form an extraordinary synergy. Ester Core is the latest technology development stage, delivering maximum power output without sacrificing reliability and wear.    Specifications / Approvals:

Specifications: Exceeds the requirements API TC