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134,00 kr
inkl. 25% MVA
SKU 714.00.51
Motul 100 2T is a mineral engine oil for older or simple 2T motorcycle engines for normal everyday use in 2-stroke carburetor. Suitable for both mixed and separate lubrication.    Advantages:

- Pre-dissolved 2T engine oil allows a fast and stable fuel / oil mixture
- Prevents setting of the piston rings
- Green discoloration makes it easy to recognize in the fuel / oil mixture
- Available in a convenient 1 liter reclosable can with filler neck, dosing scale and gauge strip, making oil refilling or premixing easier
- Can be used for both separate and mixed lubrication in conjunction with conventional gasoline. Compatible with catalysts    Specifications / Approvals:

Specifications: API TC
Approvals: JASO FB Level